Saturday, August 10, 2013


I open the door and step out with grace
The sun has vanished, darkness has won
Placed on the ground is a glittery dress
I hurriedly disrobe and put it on
lights! Cheers! Before me is a crowd to address
At my humble feet flowers are thrown
If I tell my story maybe I'll get an embrace
Or maybe it's just pity that will be shown

I get ready to put and end to my distress
Suddenly the lights go off, the crowd too gone
Darkness again! I'm all alone in this menace
My smile is quickly replaced by a yawn
I re-enter my room that has little space
The dress is replaced by clothes all torn
There was no crowd, I'm definitely a nut-case
In a moment I just experienced false dawn

In my own company will I find solace?
Three men defiled me, to this day I mourn
I have no vanity my life is in a mess
I'm not even a comforter of my own
The incident is always here for me to face
My heart is tattered, will never be sewn
I know accepting myself is a skill I should harness
I can overcome the fear,  it is not 'set in stone'

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