Saturday, August 10, 2013


I open the door and step out with grace
The sun has vanished, darkness has won
Placed on the ground is a glittery dress
I hurriedly disrobe and put it on
lights! Cheers! Before me is a crowd to address
At my humble feet flowers are thrown
If I tell my story maybe I'll get an embrace
Or maybe it's just pity that will be shown

I get ready to put and end to my distress
Suddenly the lights go off, the crowd too gone
Darkness again! I'm all alone in this menace
My smile is quickly replaced by a yawn
I re-enter my room that has little space
The dress is replaced by clothes all torn
There was no crowd, I'm definitely a nut-case
In a moment I just experienced false dawn

In my own company will I find solace?
Three men defiled me, to this day I mourn
I have no vanity my life is in a mess
I'm not even a comforter of my own
The incident is always here for me to face
My heart is tattered, will never be sewn
I know accepting myself is a skill I should harness
I can overcome the fear,  it is not 'set in stone'

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm weak to wish I should wake up
And find these illusions I have gone
I'm thinking of how I can bewitch you
And make you slave of my caprices
You are one man who's full of scruples
Man of solid heart that knowest to love not
I admit at times I have my insecurities
All because I'm weak but not wicked

Baby I'm weak but not wicked
Weak to love so I provoke you instead
Sick in your absence I get a little worried
Meek at heart mostly when offended
Week ends not without you mistreated
Week ends not without you cherished
Please don't hung out with your friends and
Give me the pleasure of dining with you

Just don't be so ego-centric
For the first time my calls please pick
Help me in making the two of us tick
That's the only way together we may stick
This affection I have is for you to seek
These luscious lips are yours to kiss and lick
My greatest desire is for you to be here quick
But you are not, Someone else is.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

None Of The Above

We see them scattered in the streets
We don't listen to them lest we get late
They approach us stretching their hand
We push them away, that's their fate
At times we drop a coin, what they deserve
We always do all of the above.

Those who were born to a great fortune
Why don't you give as good as you get
When they seek shelter in our homestead
We should not shut them out and close the gate
Its generous sharing with them little we have
Most times we never do any of the above.

We know they sleep in the cold at night
We should be their fortress, their blanket
They scramble for little food till they fight
Hurriedly we bypass them without  regret
These street urchins also need to be shown love
But we do none of the above.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


No tea No coffee
In those two i win no trophy
A very cold drink would do me justice
Sometimes white wine preferably 'Caprice'

I don't watch no football
I find no pleasure in ball at all
Neither do i watch comedies and horrors
They leave me laughing or in much sorrows

If there are no lights i never walk
If there are no words i never talk
Darkness scares me i never move forward
Unless I'm sleepwalking uttering no word

I never call friends at night seems,
I'll be waking them from their sweet dreams
Neither do i take any of their calls unless,
I wanna get infected with their sleeplessness

Friday, April 2, 2010


There's someone i long to hold
Only one that makes my head reel
cherry lips and the most adored
But she is so far up the hill
I call her daily as i grow old
She's unmoved maybe she doesn't feel
At sunset she disappears as it turns gold
Leaving me with my illusions unable to reveal

Deep in heart there's an aching void
Many are times it becomes hard to conceal
my beau up there cast in statuely mould
Her steady gaze enough for my soul to heal
She wears a gown finely tailored , adorned
Then turns round giving me a sharp thrill
once i climbed up but downright rolled
As i tried reaching her to make a deal.

(I wrote this in a man's position)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I captured you into my nest
For you are the one that takes my fancy
Any other person is not to my taste
For no one can touch you for simplicity
Your charm entered my heart with zest
Now i like you to be within reach
In my soul you are the invited guest
Always welcome right where you belong

I hastily responded to your love request
For i saw this coming, i couldn't wait
You uplift me when i am at my lowest
Oh, how i feel so secure in your arms
All those others were never honest
So much they said, so little they meant
But when i know unlike them you are in no haste
It's when i feel so certain about your love

I felt drawn to you , became yours at last
And you how amazing you conquered my pride
Let me put my head on your chest and rest
And be sure to be cherished till infinity
To you i promise i wont be like a pest
I'll see you through the sweets and bitters of life
So never let what we've invested go to waste
That will be the ruin of my dreams