Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm weak to wish I should wake up
And find these illusions I have gone
I'm thinking of how I can bewitch you
And make you slave of my caprices
You are one man who's full of scruples
Man of solid heart that knowest to love not
I admit at times I have my insecurities
All because I'm weak but not wicked

Baby I'm weak but not wicked
Weak to love so I provoke you instead
Sick in your absence I get a little worried
Meek at heart mostly when offended
Week ends not without you mistreated
Week ends not without you cherished
Please don't hung out with your friends and
Give me the pleasure of dining with you

Just don't be so ego-centric
For the first time my calls please pick
Help me in making the two of us tick
That's the only way together we may stick
This affection I have is for you to seek
These luscious lips are yours to kiss and lick
My greatest desire is for you to be here quick
But you are not, Someone else is.

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