About Blog (Kuhusu)

I tend to do more listening  than talking, I brag of good mindset and visual credibility therefore a Rude Observer. I observe. I can tell if food has enough salt by just a mere look, I can tell if my drink has been drugged. I pay attention to detail however small and when I keep quiet over an issue  next minute I'll pour it on paper.

Varl's life keep changing and varying hence Varl Variations. I write prose, i write poems and most of them fictional. I talk on behalf of street urchins, whores, drunkards, Step-mothers and the orphans as the real self, just a second and I'll make you uncomfortable.

No hard words used I'm not trying to get anyone to read through with a dictionary besides them. If a person gets tired of visiting this blog, he is simply tired of facing life, for herein lies life's true portrait. Poems overwhelms, poems tame but these intrigues.

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